Our Purpose


Our Purpose

 It is our purpose to provide professional self defense instruction within our local community through a clear, practical, and organized curriculum that leads to personal growth and empowerment. 


Our Vision

 Gracie Jiu Jitsu Green Cove Springs is dedicated to teaching and promoting the art of Gracie (or Brazilian) Jiu Jitsu as an authentic form of self protection, empowerment, and healthy lifestyle.  

 As it has become increasingly popular since its first world-wide exposure in the Ultimate Fighting Championship by the Gracie family, the art and its practice has continuously become focused on the sportive aspects.  Although our practice will include sportive rounds of training, our focus has and always will be focused on the practical application of the art as a self defense method. 


Our Approach

 We have a curriculum approach to our training that is organized, planned, and designed to help all of our students achieve their goals.  It is designed to build a solid foundation of technical skills and problem-solving abilities that will benefit many aspects of everyday life for our members.